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About Us:


The Global Papillon Pedigrees Organization is a Washington State Non-Profit Corporation that provides a free-access open database of Papillons and Phalènes from around the world.  This site is provided by the hard work and dedication of Conformation Show Papillon Breeders from around the world who believe knowing your dog's pedigree is a key ingredient to breed improvement.

We welcome the addition of Papillon and pedigrees for all competition show dogs (conformation, agility, etc.), their puppies, litter mates, and ancestors, from the following registration organizations:


American Kennel Club (AKC),
Canadian Kennel Club (CKC),
The Kennel Club (KC), &
Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) affiliated organizations. 

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Over the past decade Papillon Breeders around the world have made great strides in ensuring that our healthy breed remains that way and only improves with time.  As such there have been many advances in health testing capabilities that allow breeders to test for health anomolies and breed those traits out.  There may be dogs in a pedigree that show these anomolies and please know that does not mean that dog will exhibit any of those traits or even carry any of those traits.  However, in the interests of breeding better health we are now providing the coding that may be found near a dog/bitch's name:

Health test information may follow the individual dog's suffix titles,
which may include voluntary certification submitted via OFA, including CHIC as well as CERF, etc. 
Coding beyond that may include:
PRA: * for Carrier; ** for Affected
PRA1: *1 for Carrier;
**1 for Affected
PRA2: *2 for Carrier; **2 for Affected (no DNA test yet - research ongoing)
NAD: # for Carrier; ## for Affected (usually these Affecteds are deceased at a young age, so not in database)
Congenital/Juvenile Cataracts/CC: ^ for carrier; ^^ for affected (no DNA test yet - research ongoing)